Get more bank for your bucks.

Get a Sasfin Transactional Banking account and make your money work for you, not your bank.

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We get it. It's not easy running a business. That’s why we're offering a day-to-day transactional account that puts your business first, not our bank. That’s why our transactional accounts are designed with smaller businesses in mind. We save you time, give you control, support your cash management, and give you access to advice and decision makers when you need them. And that's why we'll even provide real travel benefits to make your business trips more comfortable and efficient.

Here's a snippet of what you get:

Easy cash flow management
Enjoy the convenience of not having to switch cash between accounts, while earning up to 5% monthly interest (depending on your credit balance).

Real-time payments
You also get to choose between making instant payments in less than 60 seconds, and making normal payments that clear in a few days. Our real-time payments are available from as little as R15 each, so that you can pay your beneficiaries at the last minute if you need to. We'll even give you your first two real-time payments per month for free* when you switch over to us.

Customised account access for much more control
Give multiple designated users access to your transactional account to allow for easy capturing and authorisation of payments, while our bulk payment facility makes multiple salary and/or supplier payments a breeze.

A card for every occasion
Reduce your management complexity by linking up to 20 secure transactional business debit cards to your account. All our VISA debit cards are easy to manage, come with personalised limits and are chip & pin-enabled for your peace of mind.

The VIP treatment on us
Get free access for the cardholder and a guest to domestic Bidvest lounges with your Sasfin debit card. Your cards are also linked to a VISA loyalty programme, giving you access to their wide range of benefits.

Cash, wherever and whenever you need it
Our cards can be used at any ATM for the same flat fee, so you always know what you're being charged on every withdrawl.

* Click here to view our Business Account pricing sheet.