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Sasfin Holdings Limited (“the Group” or “Sasfin”) is a bank-controlling company that listed on the JSE in 1987. Sasfin and its subsidiaries, notably Sasfin Bank Limited (the Bank), provide a comprehensive range of specialist financial products and services for Business and Wealth clients. This range of financial products and services focuses on the needs of entrepreneurs, corporates, institutions, and high-net-worth individuals.

How we do business

The Group is structured into distinct, yet closely interactive divisions, namely entrepreneurial, corporate, commercial, institutional and private clients. Sasfin partners with each and every client,  acting with respect and honesty, to offer tailor-made solutions to meet business challenges.

Sasfin believes that a client-centred, personalised relationship with our clients is absolutely essential to deliver the correct financial solution. This enables Sasfin to be “a partner beyond expectations” in its chosen markets. The five divisions – Business Banking, Transactional Banking, Capital, Wealth Management and Commercial Solutions – offer a range of specialised products and services to assist clients with their business and individual financial requirements.

Purpose Statement 

We go beyond a bank to unlock business potential and grow wealth. 


By supporting investors and entrepreneurs, we enhance economic growth.


To be a specialist Business, Banking and Wealth partner beyond our clients’ expectations by deploying capital and skills to deliver financial solutions tailored from our comprehensive range of services to select entrepreneurs and investors.

Our values and behaviours:


  • We operate with the utmost honesty, ensuring that ambition is always tempered by uncompromised moral standards.
  • We seek to uplift the communities in which we operate, recognising the importance of sustainability through projects that enhance the lives of others.


  • We treat our clients, colleagues and communities with the utmost respect.


  • We strive for greatness, driven by the aspirations of individuals through their dedication, innovation and excellence.
  • We look for the potential in our employees, clients and partners, realising that greatness often comes from unexpected places.
  • We conduct our business with an entrepreneurial spirit, always seeking new opportunities to contribute to a healthy, growing economy.


  • We strive to be a partner beyond expectations, always seeking solutions that enhance our services through beneficial offerings to our clients.
  • While celebrating brilliance and encouraging independent thinking, we recognise that no individual is greater than the team.

Our target markets

Sasfin’s target markets have evolved:

  • In 1987, our target market was the entrepreneur and small and medium enterprises
  • Following the granting of our banking licence in 1999 and our acquisition of Frankel Pollak (now SasSec) in 2000, Sasfin’s target was expanded to include high-net-worth individuals and corporates
  • With the development of Asset Consulting and the acquisition of a Fixed Income team in 2013, Sasfin expanded its target market to include institutional clients
  • We now offer transactional banking services to high-net-worth individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and corporates


Chief Executive Officer Roland Sassoon’s father established his business in Norwood in Johannesburg in 1951, and Roland joined his father in the family business when he was 17 years old.  By that time, the business evolved from textile importing to a small-scale trade and debtor financing company, growing steadily in stature to see Sasfin become listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1987.  To continue growing the business, in 1991 Sasfin took the groundbreaking step of securitising its equipment finance book.  Securitisation was not only the springboard for Sasfin, but has become also a cornerstone of the business and it is the oldest running securitisation vehicle in the country.

The next major development phase came with the granting of a banking licence – opening the doors for Sasfin to raise capital by means of direct deposits and leading to the acquisition of the reputable stockbroking firm of Frankel Pollak, which is now known as Sasfin Securities.  This move injected a broad client base of high-net-worth individuals who became an additional source of significant deposits into Sasfin – and those clients remain with Sasfin to this day.  In fact, in many cases, Sasfin is advising and managing wealth for the third generation within client portfolios.

Sasfin continued to grow by taking innovative steps such as injecting capital into businesses for an equity stake holding instead of merely lending money to fund a company’s development.  In 2009, the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, invested as a shareholder in Sasfin and partnered with Sasfin to stimulate growth in the South African economy.

The future

Sasfin is creating the critical mass necessary for each unit to be optimally viable to deliver on Sasfin’s specialist, multiline banking and financial services offerings, without compromising on quality.


1951 Sasfin established
1987 Sasfin lists on the JSE Limited.
1991 Sasfin pioneers the securitisation market in South Africa.
1997 Sasfin acquires a 60% shareholding in Premier Freight, a freight forwarding and customs clearing company.
Sasfin acquires 23,6% shareholding in MDM Investment Holdings (Pty) Limited, a private equity company.
Sasfin forms subsidiary, Sasfin Insurance Brokers (Pty) Limited.
Sasfin forms subsidiary, Sasfin Asia Limited. (Registered in Hong Kong)
1998 Sasfin adjudged 6th in the Sunday Times Business Times “Top Companies” Survey.
1999 Sasfin obtains a banking licence
2000 Sasfin acquires Sasfin Securities (Pty) Limited (formerly Sasfin Frankel Pollak Securities (Pty) Limited) (“SasSec”) and Sasfin Financial Advisory Services (Pty) Limited.
SasSec ranked the top retail broking house in the PricewaterhouseCoopers2000-Millennium issue of “Strategic and Emerging Issues in South African Banking”, an annual banking survey in which South African and foreign banks rate one another.
Sasfin Corporate Finance division formed.
2001 SasSec granted Custody and Settlement Member status by the JSE Securities Exchange, South Africa.
Sasfin Corporate Finance division registered as a sponsor with the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa.
SasSec acquires the business of Regal Treasury Securities (Pty) Limited.
2002 Sasfin forms subsidiary, Sasfin Asset Managers (Pty) Limited.
2004 Sasfin raises R100 million preference share capital.
Sasfin Corporate Finance division ranked 4th by the annual Ernst & Young Mergers and Acquisitions Survey of 2004 and 3rd by the annual Dealmakers Review of 2004.
2005 Sasfin increases its shareholding in MDM Investment Holdings Limited to 52% and starts a private equity unit.
Sasfin adjudged 30th in Sunday Times Business Times “Top Companies” survey.
2006 Sasfin raises a further R100 million preference share capital.
BEE transaction concluded – InnoVent Investment Holdings (Pty) Limited (“IIH”) acquires 10% of Sasfin Bank Limited and Sasfin Holdings Limited acquires 33,4% of IIH.
Two black directors appointed to the board of Sasfin Bank Limited.
Sasfin Bank Limited ranked 84th in Africa’s Top 100 Banks - by African Business’ Annual Rankings.
2007 Sasfin Holdings Limited celebrates 20 years on the JSE.
Sasfin Bank Limited granted a foreign exchange dealer licence.
FSB grants an asset management licence to Sasfin Asset Managers (Pty) Ltd.
With effect from 13/03/2007, Sasfin Bank Limited is licensed as a Financial Services Provider.
Sasfin Holdings Limited voted by The Investment Analysts Society as the leader in corporate reporting in the sector Small Companies (market cap below R2000m) for the 2006 financial year.
Sasfin ranked 13th in the Financial Mail’s 2007 assessment of the Top 20 listed companies.
ERS Securitisation SPV has been converted from a term structure programme to an evergreen multi-seller segregated asset class Domestic Medium Term Note Programme (DMTN).
Sasfin adjudged 22nd in the Sunday Times Business Times “Top Companies” Survey (with a 60,5% annual return over 5 years).
2008 Sasfin ranked 36th in Finance Week’s 2008 Top 200 companies survey.
Sasfin ranked 11th in the Financial Mail’s 2008 assessment of the Top 20 listed companies.
Sasfin’s Healthcare Consulting Unit ranked 5th in Discovery’s Platinum Prestige Corporate Broker Awards.
Sasfin awarded an “A” rating for BEE by the FSC Council.
Sasfin ranked 21st in the Sunday Times Business Times “Top Companies” Survey (over 5 years in terms of its return to shareholders).
Sasfin successfully places R900m of securitisation notes (roll-over of R700m and a new tranche of R200m) despite the recent market collapse.
SasSec sells its East London branch to NVest Financial Holdings (Pty) Limited in exchange for 20% of NVest.
2009 Sasfin Corporate Finance division ranked 3rd in the sponsor rankings by deal flow - mergers and acquisitions. In the general corporate finance sponsor category, Sasfin Corporate Finance was ranked 5th overall.
The Sasfin Group establishes strategic partnership with the IFC as follows comprising:
A US$ 10 million trade finance facility for its Business Banking unit;
A specific issue of 10% of Sasfin’s shares to the IFC for cash, and
A subordinated loan agreement with Sasfin Bank Limited in the amount of R82,45 million.
Sasfin completes the development of its new premises in Waverley and took occupation in June 2009.
Sasfin, once again, awarded an “A” rating for BEE by the FSC Council.
Sasfin adjudged 36th in “Sunday Times Business Times Top 100 Companies” survey.
Sasfin successfully places R432m of securitisation notes and issued an additional R58m, totalling R490m.
Sasfin Bank awarded 1st place in the Deloitte’s “Best Company to Work For” survey under the category “Financial Services: Banking Industry Category”. Therefore, Sasfin Bank voted “Best Bank to Work for”.
2010 Sasfin Corporate Finance division ranked 3rd in the sponsor rankings by deal flow - mergers and acquisitions. In the general corporate finance sponsor category, Sasfin Corporate Finance was ranked 3rd.
Acquisitions of Capital Hill Corporate Finance (Pty) Limited, a boutique Corporate Finance company, and a large minority share in Trinitas, a private equity management company.
2011 Sasfin Corporate Finance division ranked 7th in the sponsor rankings by deal flow - mergers and acquisitions for the previous year. Year to date, Sasfin Corporate Finance was ranked 2nd in the Q1 sponsor rankings.
Sasfin’s Healthcare Consulting Unit once again receives the “Discovery Platinum Prestige” award.
Sasfin awarded ratings of Level 4 and 100% contributor by PKF BEE Solutions (Pty) Limited.
Sasfin acquires a 68,4% shareholding in IQuad Group Limited, a diversified specialist financial and business services company.
Sasfin re-finances R317m of securitisation notes.
Sasfin Bank concludes a seven-year €35 million term loan from three European Development Finance Institutions and secured an additional US$10 million seven-year loan from the IFC and Canadian Climate Change Programme for energy efficiency and renewable energy financing.
2012 Sasfin disposes of its head office to Annuity Properties Limited and acquires 25% of Annuity’s management company, Annuity Asset Managers (Pty) Limited.
Sasfin’s Healthcare Consulting Unit: Top 10 in “Discovery’s Platinum Prestige Corporate Broker” award.
Sasfin acquires the remaining shares in Premier Freight (Pty) Limited (now known as Sasfin Premier Logistics (Pty) Limited) and IQuad Group Limited.
IIH forms subsidiary in Harare, London and Rio de Janeiro.
Sasfin Capital ranked 4th in the DealMakers Quarterly Review in Mergers & Acquisition ranking by dealflow and 5th in General Corporate Finance ranking by transaction flow.
2013 Sasfin receives two coveted raging bull awards for:
The Best Broad-Based Domestic Equity Fund on a straight performance basis, being the fund with the highest ProfileData total investment return ranking over three years in the ASISA Domestic Equity General, Value and Growth sections, and
The Best Domestic Equity Value Fund.

Launch Transactional Banking.
Sasfin becomes a full clearing and settlement bank. 

Starts a fixed income unit


Launches Transactional Banking to market.

Sasfin Asset Managers wins its third Raging Bull Award

Acquisition and control of Fintech (Pty) Ltd effective 30 June 2015.