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Strategic pillars

Optimise synergies across a broad range of products and services

Enhance efficiencies and reduce cost-to-income ratio

Sustainable growth in our target markets

Proactive balance sheet management and capital optimisation

Achieved through

Ensuring that our offerings to our clients are both specialised and integrated.


Maintaining and enhancing our diversified business.


Creating partnerships with clients that deliver products and services that exceed their expectations.


Sound capital and liquidity management

Key business objectives

Focus on client-centric service to differentiate ourselves from bigger, more bureaucratic institutions who struggle to deliver in this realm.

Ensure synergistic products and services across the entrepreneurial value change.

Focus on distinct target markets namely:
Corporate, SME Market

Family-owned Businesses


High-net-worth individuals

Diversified income streams

Diversified funding Base

Avoidance of concentration risk

Understanding clients’ needs

Personalised service

Strong relationships


Quick turnaround

Grow transactional banking

Effective capital planning and  ICAAP processes in place.

Prudent asset/liability matching.

Well-balanced asset and liability structure.

Optimise earnings yield on all asset classes.

Strategic business enablers

Working and Capital Equity Tailor-made solutions

Quick processing ability

Appropriate, flat operating and management structure.

Bespoke IT systems.

Multiple product offerings

Lending, wealth management, transactional, logistics and advisory services.

Balanced interest and non-interest income.

Equity, debt capital and securitisation market expertise.

Highly experienced and passionate employees.

Dedicated and experienced teams.

Personal guidance.

Innovative, client-centric products.

Excellent service.

Regular client interactions.

Exceed client expectations.

Good product offerings

Good balance to ensure we are set for growth in assets and funding

Good performance to attract capital as and when it is required