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We combine excellent personal service with innovative financial solutions to assist businesses and individuals to bank the way they want, where they want and when they want.

Capital Overview

We provide capital and create tailored solutions to support your business growth, whether you need an equity partner, property investor or a sophisticated corporate financier.

Wealth Overview

Since 1890 we have provided tailored global and local investment offerings to private and institutional clients.


B\\YOND is Business Banking on your terms.

Business banking invested in every moment

At Sasfin, we know that success is not defined by one big moment but rather by the smaller significant every-day moments that keep your business growing. Like the time you extended your lease from a room to the floor, or when you realised you’d grown to the point where a spreadsheet no longer works for invoicing!

Introducing B\\YOND, a digital banking platform designed specifically to support the growth of your business. We partner with you by providing tools that cater for your unique business banking needs.

As entrepreneurs, we understand the demands and challenges of driving success and have designed the B\\YOND offering with this in mind.

  1. Control - enable access and visibility to your banking by activating specific user roles
  2. Scalability – the platform is suitable for start-ups and bigger businesses
  3. Integrated accounting – with automated direct feeds from your B\\YOND transactional account into cloud-based Xero Accounting Software
  4. Performance – Keep track of your business on-the-go
  5. Payments – Manage and tag payments and make multiple transactions in one go
  6. Dashboards – consolidated view of your financial position
  7. Convenience – Do your payroll, quotes and invoices all in one place

Our Digital banking platform that supports you every step of the way. The platform is scalable and suitable for start-ups and bigger businesses, all of this FREE when signing up for a Sasfin Transactional Account.

Apply for your account in minutes.

Join thousands of business owners where B\\YOND makes managing their business easy.

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Introducing B\\YOND features


Understand the full picture of your account(s) with B\\YOND's dashboard. Learn more.


Perform your own payroll management simply, for free, from paying employees to generating SARS-compliant payslips in real time. Learn more.

Quotes and invoices

Generate and send personalised quotes and invoices, with your company name, VAT number and logo directly through your internet banking. Learn more.

Account classifications and tagging

Account classifications and tagging of transactions to manage your revenue and expenses, and easily keep track of projects. Learn more.

Unlimited transaction history

B\\YOND keeps track of your history while you take care of the future. Get unlimited transaction history off the platform at no extra charge. Learn more.

Beneficiary management

B\\YOND means more. Import or add beneficiaries easily, either from a CSV file or off a predetermined list. Learn more.

Intuitive user experience

B\\YOND delivers a mobile-friendly intuitive user experience that allows you to manage your account and card details online.

Multiple transactions

Go B\\YOND conventional banking to facilitate multiple transactions in one go – from setting up multiple account transfers to managing future payments and beneficiaries.

Single sign-on

Seamlessly switch between your Transactional Banking portfolios with a single login. There is no need to have multiple logins for your personal and business accounts.


Designed to give you quick and hassle free insights about your financial position, the dashboard provides:

Quick insights into your account which shows your current cash position and compares this to the previous month

The dashboard gives you a number of important indicators on your financial position, for example the burn rate per month, shows you an average on how much you are spending, and your cash runways show you, how many days or months you can sustain your average monthly expenses.


Perform your own payroll management simply, for free, from paying employees to generating SARS-compliant payslips in real time.

Quotes and invoices

With B\\YOND you can save time by creating and sending professional quotes and invoices directly through your internet banking platform.

Account classifications and tagging

You can now tag your transactions with labels making organising, filtering and finding transactions easier than ever before. Your dashboard shows your tagged transactions so that you can quickly see your spending behaviour. Tagging and account classifications will give you further insights with our analytics feature, which is coming soon.

Unlimited transaction history

While most banks cap you to a 6 month transaction history, B\\YOND grants you the ability to download your entire transactional history at once, and sort this information using your tagging and account classifications.

Beneficiary management

Adding beneficiaries on B\\YOND is easy, you can import beneficiaries in a CSV file, add multiple beneficiaries in one go or choose from a predefined beneficiary list for consistent payments like the city of JHB SARS. Our tagging and classification feature makes managing your beneficiaries simple.

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