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We combine excellent personal service with innovative financial solutions to assist businesses and individuals to bank the way they want, where they want and when they want.

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We provide capital and create tailored solutions to support your business growth, whether you need an equity partner, property investor or a sophisticated corporate financier.

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Since 1890 we have provided tailored global and local investment offerings to private and institutional clients.


It’s easy to close the CASH FLOW gap with B\\YOND Revolving Credit Facility

You can be in control of your business cash flow – even in today’s uncertain climate.

At Sasfin, we believe that the future of the economy sits in the hands of businesses like yours. It’s more important than ever to make your life easier with the B\\YOND Revolving Credit Facility to enhance your business working capital and close the gap between your business’s success and your cash flow needs. Easy does it with Revolving Credit Facility as it puts you in control with cash flow that’s readily available, if and when you need it to increase the growth potential of your business. The facility is easy to apply for, easy to access and easy to repay.

That’s right, the B\\YOND Revolving Credit Facility ensures reaching your business goals is made easy.


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How it works

  • Funds are accessed through the B\\YOND digital banking platform and paid into your Sasfin transactional bank account.
  • Minimum monthly repayment from 6%.
  • Able to access available funds provided your repayments are up to date.
  • Repayments monthly or fortnightly by debit order.
  • Ability to set annual payment holidays, which allows you to pause payments e.g. over December.

Qualifying criteria

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