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DIVISION: Group Compliance

JOB TITLE: Head: Group Compliance

MANAGER: CEO: Sasfin Holdings Limited




To ensure that Group Compliance functions independently, ensuring that the Group complies with laws and regulations as enforced by legislation.



  1. Establish and maintain a compliance culture in the Group that contributes to the overall objective of prudent risk management by the Group;

  2. Ensure that the Group continuously manages its regulatory and supervisory risks by complying with applicable laws and regulations;

  3. Establish line communication with line management, executive management and the Board of Directors including the Chair of the Group Audit and Compliance Committee), in order to monitor continuous compliance with laws and regulations or supervisory requirements;

  4. Ensure that relevant regulatory measures are incorporated into operational procedures throughout the Group;

  5. Provide advice and guidance on regulatory and group policy issues and alert management of risks

  6. support the maintenance of strong regulatory relationships;

  7. Manage AML and compliance risk assessments, testing programs and new business compliance regulatory reviews;

  8. Oversee Exchange Control Processes and maintain compliance regime of the Bank as an Authorised Dealer;

  9. Develop compliance Regime to meet the requirements of the anticipated Twin Peaks Regulatory Regime;

  10. Develop training processes and provide ad hoc targeted training on regulations and compliance procedures;

  11. Monitor compliance in terms of scheduled monitoring compliance plan; and

  12. Manage Compliance team.




  1. Liaising with the Bank supervision department of the South African Reserve Bank;

  2. Liaise with Financial Surveillance Department of the South African Reserve Bank;

  3. Oversee Compliance with the National Payment System and PASA requirements;

  4. Communication regarding legal and regulatory requirements to management, relevant audit committees and the Bank’s Board of Directors as and when required;

  5. Report and address all issues of non-compliance with laws and regulations in a timeously manner;

  6. Establish prompt mechanisms for reporting and ensure that reports on the level of compliance with laws and regulations or supervisory requirements are submitted to management and audit committees as required; and provide the Registrar with a copy of such report;

  7. Ensure that there is no conflict of interest with/between other internal control functions;

  8. Recruit sufficient competent staff to monitor and control compliance;

  9. Keep abreast of current laws and regulations;

  10. Reviewing business activities to determine compliance with applicable regulatory regulations; and

  11. Following up on recommended corrective actions to compliance.




  • Matric, plus a relevant Legal Degree

  • Fifteen years’ experience in Compliance, preferably Banking Compliance experience

  • Solid understanding of Banking Regulations, Banks Act and Basel III, FAIS, TCF, RDR, NCA, POPIA, FICA and all AML Acts, BEE, Social and Environmental laws, Exchange Control, PAIA

  • Commercial business acumen

  • Ability to manage IT projects for the implementation of required systems

  • Ability to develop policies and procedures

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

  • Excellent inter-personal skills - ability to work effectively with a team of people

  • Excellent time-management skills - use initiative and able to manage and prioritise workload

  • A high level of diligence and competence




Market-related, based on total Cost to Company.


Interested applicants can forward their CV by no later than: Monday, 22 January 2018.

*Please consider your application unsuccessful if you have not received a response within two weeks of submission.



DIVISION: Specialised and Capital Equipment Finance

JOB TITLE: Credit Analyst

MANAGER: Sales Support Manager




To assist the Specialised team with the high level processing and assessment of client / supplier portfolios, particularly in terms of the preparation and sourcing of information on credit applications for clients / suppliers with quick turn- around times.



  • Client / supplier focused business team

  • Core focus is on larger applications for Business Finance Credit and Rentals Credit

  • Administration, financial assessment and detailed analysis

  • Focus on main applications, SS, CAF’s and all related credit required documents

  • Assist with preparation of and present deals in the Quality Control/Credcom meetings.

  • Understanding and mitigating key areas of risk associated with transactions

  • Focus on marketing and building relationships with clients and suppliers

  • Dedicated support to the Sales Support Manager, Account Executives, clients and suppliers

  • Prepare credit applications for Rentals and Business Finance credit and above in terms of Sasfin’s credit policy by interpreting information provided and assisting with additional input as well as analysing financial statements

  • Attend to all ad-hoc functions and assist administrative team if and when necessary despite a different core focus




  • Superior customer service and sales support to Sales Support Manager, Account Executives and Head: Specialised and Capital Equipment Finance

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with Credit, Account Executives, suppliers and clients

  • Assessment and spreading of financial statements and management accounts together with cash flow and budget projections as well as ability to comment on these financials

  • Preparation of all high level applications to be sent to Credit Department for approval and sourcing all relevant information from clients in this regard both for existing and prospective clients

  • Sourcing and assessing information from clients / suppliers to ensure that all terms and conditions of sanction are adhered to and that necessary periodic information is received and collated timeously

  • Liaising with Credit, Payouts, Collections and Accounts departments to ensure the smooth running of the client/supplier accounts as regards to risk, operation and administrative issues

  • Assist on Legal Accounts or Credit/Legal handovers

  • General office duties as delegated from time to time, answering of client/supplier telephone calls and assisting where possible (being proactive at all times) and liaising closely with the Managers of the unit

  • Supporting all service and sales initiatives, and keeping the client top of mind at all times

  • Co-ordinating field surveys and site visits

  • Ensure all regulatory risk and compliance requirements are adhered to

  • Monitoring of facility reviews and large facility report dates and ensuring the sourcing and assessment of information is done in a timeous manner

  • Attend to ad-hoc functions as and when required



  • A minimum matric/Grade12 certificate with a relevant credit related diploma or degree is preferred

  • A minimum of two years credit experience in a financing environment as a Credit Analyst

  • The individual must have the ability to read and interpret financial statements

  • Excellent interpersonal relationship skills required and effective communication with senior management/directors

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Ability to work independently, use own initiative, be proactive and provide effective and efficient client / supplier service.

  • Attention to detail

  • Analytical skills are very important

  • Good reporting / writing skills

  • Able to work under pressure

  • Knowledge of legal documentation advantageous e.g. rental agreement, supporting documents and terms and conditions

  • Be proactive and take initiative

  • Basic business acumen

  • General office duties as delegated from time to time, answering of client/supplier telephone calls and assisting where possible (being proactive at all times) and liaising closely with the Managers of the unit

  • Ability to work after hours if required



Cost to Company.


Interested applicants can forward their CV by no later than 24 January, 2018.

*Please consider your application unsuccessful if you have not received a response within two weeks of submission.

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