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An employer of choice

Sasfin has always followed a proactive approach towards being an employer of choice.

Employees are extended the same respect and caring attitude within the organisation that they are expected to share externally with every client. We believe that keeping employees motivated and engaged is core to Sasfin ensuring that it services its clients as a partner beyond expectations.  

The strategic focus of HR is therefore to align its best practices to the requirements of the business to drive sustained performance and enhance our employees’ working experience.

  • We offer various wellness initiatives.
  • Employee learning and development is a key focus area to ensure continuous professional development.
  • We measure our success by the results of our annual climate surveys.
  • Our reward principles are fair and market-related. 

What are our values?

It is important to us that our employees have our values in mind whenever they engage with our stakeholders. Our values are:


Sasfin operates with the utmost honesty, ensuring that ambition is always tempered by the highest moral standards.

Sasfin seeks to uplift the communities in which it operates, recognising the importance of sustainability through projects that enhance the lives of others.


  • Sasfin treats its clients, colleagues and communities with the utmost respect.


  • Sasfin strives for greatness, driven by the aspirations of individuals through their dedication, innovation and excellence.
  • Sasfin looks for the potential in its employees, clients and partners, realising that greatness often comes from unexpected places.
  • Sasfin conducts its business with an entrepreneurial spirit, always seeking new opportunities to contribute to a healthy, growing economy.


  • Sasfin strives to be a partner beyond expectations, always seeking solutions that enhance its service, through beneficial offerings to its clients.
  • Sasfin recognises that no individual is greater than the team.


What kind of people work at Sasfin?

Being a successful provider of specialised banking; financial and other complementary services to high-growth entrepreneurial businesses and high-net worth individuals, requires a philosophy that extends beyond the parameters of conventional banking practice.

Our employees possess an entrepreneurial spirit which enables them to service the niche that we play in. 

Through nurturing, real relationships and providing superior service, our people are able to create solutions which our clients value.  Some of the qualities which Sasfin look for in the recruitment process are:

  • Strong service orientation;
  • Entrepreneurial thinking; and
  • Client centricity.

Ultimately, Sasfin has a diverse culture which embraces the individual and their unique personality, making it a perfect place for the entrepreneurially-minded person. Our people are:

  • Industry and knowledge experts in their particular fields of expertise;
  • Passionate; and
  • Performance-driven with high-energy levels.