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Bongiwe Momoza: Sasfin's Women in Finance Series


08 Aug 2019

Bongiwe Momoza, Senior Asset Consultant, highlights the traits of women in finance

Bongiwe Momoza - Sasfin Women in Finance Series

1. What specific values and insights do women in finance bring to the industry?

One of the values that women bring to the finance industry is humility. This has often been viewed as a weakness but I do believe that leaders that show humility have  better relations with their colleagues and even external stakeholders. Women are natural nurturers and can easily encourage inclusive working relations in the workplace. The finance industry can be brutal but the increasing involvement of women has brought a softer focus to it leading to a healthy balance between business and customer centric relations. Women in finance bring empathy and listening skills to the industry which are important for client interactions and understanding clients’ needs.

2. What is the best example of a woman’s skills set that has impacted an organization or industry?

I think women, relative to men in finance are good at demonstrating the following qualities in the workplace as they would at home. 

  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Listening

Women in finance bring empathy, patience and listening skills to the industry which are important for employee relations, client interactions and understanding clients’ needs. This has resulted in a great departure in the finance industry from a sales and product obsessed mindset to one of genuine customer-centricity.

3. What excites you about the changing role of women in finance and how do you expect this to play out in the next few years? 

Women in finance continue to break stereotypes in the financial industry, world over. The list of women achievers, world over, continues to grow in the world of finance where women continue to make a visible difference in their roles. The women that are driving strategic decisions in the finance industry are bold and have a wealth of experience.

One of the strongest women in finance that I look up to is Christine Largade. She is the former head of the IMF and was the first woman to head up the IMF. Christine was instrumental in in the introduction of virtual currencies in the banking sector. Christine has been recently appointed to be the governor of the European Central Bank.

The are no limitations in terms of what roles women can take on in the finance industry. The finance industry would be short-sighted to ignore the value of the diverse skills women bring to the table due to stereotypes.


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