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Elanie Rocher: Sasfin's Women in Finance Series


14 Aug 2019

Elanie Rocher, Sasfin Wealth Investment Consultant

1. What values and insights do women in finance bring to the industry?

As women, we are often the ‘core’ of the household. This natural instinct of supporting others and being a role model, provides guidance for younger colleagues.  Women in finance are eager to learn and understand that compound interest is your friend. They are willing to share their knowledge, contribute & ‘pay it forward’ in their professional environment.  This creates a priceless foundation for growth in any business.

2. What is the best example of a woman’s skills set that has impacted an organization or industry?

There are many examples! In my opinion most women in finance have similar characteristics and skill-sets. These women are inherently strong and motivated people searching for inspiration in a competitive male-dominated industry.  They remain goal-orientated and are not afraid to ‘walk the extra mile’. They understand the importance of contribution, communication and integration which drives growth and are key elements to a successful business.

3. What excites you about the changing role of women in finance and how do you expect this to play out in the next few years? 

The contributions of women in a professional environment are increasingly being recognised around the world. This introduces different idea-generation, recognises more great minds, increases different business opportunities and shapes culture and attitude. Women are generally high achievers which will create new, dynamic leadership candidates and a diversified workforce, who in turn will accelerate business growth. 

Women can have a family and a career ‘guilt-free’.  #payitforward

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