Debtor Finance

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Selling goods on credit terms, for 30, 60 or 90 days, is a universally accepted business practice. However, it can exert extreme pressure on an entrepreneur’s cash flow. Sasfin Business Banking’s Debtor Finance offering allows you to access the cash tied up in your debtors’ book, because we provide a cash advance of up to 80% of its value.

Sasfin discounts credit sales for clients to the extent of 80% of invoice value – and adopts one of two approaches in doing so:

  1. Disclosed debtor finance (via a full debtor management and administration service) or
  2. Confidential invoice discounting (where the client keeps control of the debtors’ book).

The debtor financing process generally involves Sasfin discounting invoices for clients and advancing the funds prior to due date, thus shortening the cash flow period.