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Sasfin Eco Finance helps clients who want to invest in green capital projects by providing the finance for alternative energy solutions, equipment upgrades, energy optimisation/efficiency control systems, and even the monitoring and measurement of installed systems.

Our comprehensive solution extends from finance for energy optimisation products to assistance with claiming applicable rebates and incentives – and everything in between.

Sasfin has secured a “green” funding line from the International Finance Corporation (a member of the World Bank Group) and the Canadian government’s Climate Change Program, to enable clients to invest in renewable and energy-efficient capital projects.

Associations and relationships

Sasfin Eco Finance helps clients to claim cost-sharing grants from The Department of Trade and Industry (dti), which provides manufacturing incentives for businesses that invest capital in renewable power and energy-saving projects.

We also maintain close relationships with energy service companies so that our clients have access to the best tools for monitoring energy efficient solutions they’ve installed.