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Importing via air freight:

  • Dedicated qualified channel controller and in-house customs tariff consultants;
  • Import pre-clearance;
  • Import clearance via SARS EDI;
  • All cargo cleared by our employees;
  • Off-airport de-grouping facility;
  • Dedicated vehicles.

Exporting via air freight:

  • All exports submitted via EDI to SARS;
  • Dedicated Channel Controllers ;
  • Multi-skilled staff for continuation of high service levels;
  • Flexible tariff and service options;
  • Global coverage;
  • Negotiations with carriers for competitive rates;
  • Consolidation for export at our warehouse;
  • Straight, express and consolidation solutions available;
  • Optimal advice on correct routing.

Our team is available to secure capacity on daily airline flights, scheduled freighters and chartered aircraft as needed. Consignments are tracked daily.

We provide an international courier service for documents and small consignments to be delivered door-to-door. Competitive tariffing and a rate calculator is available on request.

  • Export/import service;
  • Qualified channel controller and in-house customs tariff consultant;
  • Dedicated vehicles;
  • Export/import clearance via SARS’s EDI;
  • Door-to-door service with tracking and POD available.

SPL services ten main centres and various regional areas, by air and road.

  • Same Day Express Services;
  • Early Bird Deliveries;
  • Overnight Express;
  • Normal Airfreight;
  • Domestic Road Freight;
  • Saturday Morning Service;
  • Cross Border/Road Freight.

Importing via sea freight:

We target efficiency and speed together with cost management. Clearing your goods is also accelerated by our state-of-the-art, integrated computer capability. Expect:

  • Dedicated channel controller and in-house customs tariff consultant;
  • Import pre-clearance;
  • All cargo cleared by our employees;
  • Delivery to your premises.

Exporting via sea freight:

Whether you need FCL, LCL, Consolidation or Break-Bulk, our team will tailor a solution for you.

  • Qualified export entry clerks and dedicated tariff consultants;
  • Export pre-clearance;
  • All cargo cleared by our employees;
  • Consolidation of cargo (if required) at our warehouse;
  • Loading of consolidated containers for export.

Sasfin Premier Logistics has a dedicated team of expert managing your customs formalities, including:

  • Accreditation by SARS Customs and Excise and linked via EDI;
  • Pre-clearance and a bonded warehouse facility;
  • Road bond facility for transit goods over border;
  • Specialised tariff consultants;
  • The arrangement of import permits;
  • Registrations for rebate facilities, bond stores and custom codes.

Bonded Warehousing:

We offer the benefit of bonding your dutiable cargo (thus deferring your VAT and Duties payment until your draw the cargo). 

  • Duties & VAT;
  • Stock control;
  • Export of imported good with deferred payment of customs duties and VAT.

With over 35 years of experience in global logistics for the book and magazine industry, Sasfin Premier Logistics is able to offer clients a total service from order to door, anywhere in South Africa. We consolidate orders from different suppliers and publishers, combining these for shipping as a single consignment. This substantially improves the cost-effectiveness of importing varied orders. We also provide:

  • Tailored pricing and services;
  • Special insurance premiums for printed matter;
  • Customs clearing via EDI;
  • Advanced documentation (allowing pre-costing of books before delivery);
  • In-house cargo handling by Sasfin Premier Logistics.