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Sasfin Premier Logistics is a logistics company established in 1977 with experience in partnering with its customers to understand their relevant supply chain requirements and tailoring suitable solutions.

Importers and exporters face many risks. All are potentially disastrous to the continued efficiency and profitability of a business, and all demand a strong logistics partner with a proven track record in managing and controlling international freight forwarding, custom clearing, warehousing, distribution, logistical management and related value added services.

  • International Forwarding  Management

    Sasfin Premier Logistics provides forwarding solutions whether single or multimodal. This is achieved through the orchestration of our global resources and regional networks.  Our services include all modes of transportation, namely air, ocean and surface solutions.

  • International Customs Clearing and Landside Management

    The efficient transit of goods is a real competitive advantage. Our relationships with reliable carriers and special attention to landside arrangements, including complete and correct documentation, will keep your supply chain moving.

  • Integrated Solutions

    Sasfin Premier Logistics turnkey offerings provide total logistics and financial solutions on a truly global scale, giving you greater control over your supply chain, inventory patterns and associated costs. 

Our Partners

A successful business requires successful partners to provide a premier class service. This is why, to help Sasfin Premier Logistics to achieve optimal planning, costing, routing and control of your imports and exports, it partners with international companies that meet its impressive standards:


Our global network of 170 offices and partners is facilitated through the Hecny Group based in Hong Kong and local joint venture Hecny Transportation South Africa.


Woodland, one of our foremost book logistics partners, is a specialist in media logistics. Woodland provides customised solutions for some of the biggest names.


Clark Worldwide, another of our book logistic partners, specialises in consolidation services for importers and exporters who operate in the print media industry to and from the USA.