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Trade finance frees up working capital with credit terms of up to 180 days to support payment of goods, forwarding and clearing, transportation and insurance costs and customs, VAT and duties payments.

Sasfin is also able to provide local trade finance facilities.

Sasfin Import Trade Finance funds the import of goods and provides credit terms of up to 180 days. Sasfin can transact in a number of foreign payment instruments from pre-payment, Letter of Credit, bill of loading and payments to open account suppliers.

We are also able to offer a start-to-finish solution for your imports - from managing supplier relationships out of our Hong Kong office, financing goods through our Trade Finance offering, booking forward exchange cover through our International Treasury, and actually collecting and delivering goods through Sasfin Premier Logistics, a Sasfin Group company.

Associated companies

Sasfin Asia Limited is a subsidiary of Sasfin Limited. Based in Hong Kong, it provides sourcing and consulting services for your trade in the Far East.

Why we’re different

Sasfin places value against your stock. The working capital solution isn’t an overdraft facility. It’s designed to help you to get the most out of the working capital cycle – by giving you the financial breathing space between the cash-out and cash-in process of the cycle. 

You don’t have to use your working capital or bank facilities to open letters of credit and pay for imports. You can allocate those funds to your business, improve efficiencies and grow.  Our solution is about managing working capital more effectively – so that funding the growth of your business to step up import volumes doesn’t deplete working capital resources.


Trade Finance Forex

Sasfin’s foreign exchange facilities enable you to access foreign exchange markets for imports and exports. As an Authorised dealer in Foreign exchange Sasfin Forex can help you manage the risks typical in any dealing that involves fluctuating foreign exchange rates.