Trade Finance

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As a company involved in foreign trade you will face many financial and logistical challenges in both the funding and landing of your goods in South Africa.  Your trade finance challenges will include:

  • the financing of the goods: as your supplier will most likely want part or full payment before shipment and you will only receive cash from your clients much later
  • the movement of goods: you will require shipping, marine insurance, and forwarding and clearing in order to land and deliver the goods to your warehouse
  • exchange rate risk: by the time your goods have landed, the exchange rate may have changed dramatically, negatively influencing your input costs

In order to address all these challenges, Sasfin Business Finance can provide you with complete peace of mind to manage an end  to end solution for your imports - from managing supplier relationships out of our Hong Kong office, financing of goods through our Trade Finance offering, booking forward exchange cover through our Sasfin Forex, all the way to actually collecting and delivering your goods through Sasfin Premier Logistics, a Sasfin Group company.