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At Sasfin, we know time is everything.

Sasfin Business and Personal Investment accounts ensure that you invest your money according to your needs, you get the most value for your rands and you are supported by a team of experts along the way.

Call deposits

Looking to call the shots on your investment? The Sasfin Call account gives you flexibility as you can access your funds immediately, make deposits as you need to and earn market-leading nominal interest.

Notice deposits

Open a notice deposit account and get noteworthy interest for a fixed term that suits your needs. Our notice account lets you access your money at the end of your notice period and you can add additional deposits into your account whenever you want.

Fixed Deposits

Are you looking to lock down interest rates on your fixed investment and reap the rewards at a guaranteed rate?  Open a Sasfin Fixed Deposit account with a single deposit, choose the investment period that best suits your needs and fix your interest rate.

We go beyond in all we do. That’s why our 12-Month Fixed Deposit Account offers a 8.40% annual interest for accounts with a deposit of R50 000 or more.

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Contact us for your Sasfin Investment Account on 080 23 23 23 6 or email us and start investing.