Transactional Banking

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Individual clients

Free transactional banking when you have a minimum balance of R50 000.                                                                                                             


Business Clients

This is what you will pay for:

A standard R100 monthly fee that allows: 2 free Real-time clearing payments per month.

  • Free inter-account transfers (immediate transfers between any Sasfin accounts).
  • Free credits to your account (EFT).

  There after you will pay as you use:

  • R15 immediate funds transfer fee for payment amounts up to R10 000.
  • R25 immediate funds transfer fee for payment amounts from R10 001 to R25 000.
  • R35 immediate funds transfer fee for payment amounts greater than R25 000.
  • R3.50 per local POS transaction.
  • R35.00 plus 2.75% of the transaction amount per international POS transaction.
  • R5.00 for an EFT to another bank account.
  • R8.00 per debit order.
  • Free credits to your account (EFT).
  • R9 + R1.30/R100 ATM cash withdrawals (Local) irrespective of which banks ATM is used.
  • R7.00 + R0.87 per R100 (or part thereof) with a minimum fee of R30 for cash deposits via Absa.
  • R35 per cheque deposit at an ABSA branch.
  • R75 per cheque with special clearance at an ABSA branch.
  • No Penalty fees.

This is what you will earn on your transactional credit balances. 

Earn the following annual interest rates on your credit balances:

2.5% on amounts up to R250 000

3% on amounts greater than R250 000 up to R500 000

3.5% on amounts greater than R500 000 up to R750 000

4% on amounts greater than R750 000 up to R1m

5% on amounts over R1m


Transactional Banking offers you platforms and seamless solutions, that enhance your that enhance your relationship with Sasfin through high levels of personal service.