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Sasfin Bank is proud to announce that we are the first South African bank to offer direct feed integration into Xero. This will allow mutual customers to seamlessly and securely connect their Sasfin Bank transaction data with Xero automatically. The direct feed functionality will eliminate capture errors as well as save time.

Direct feed functionality is a customer’s most secure form of integration between a bank and an accounting package as there is no need to divulge your username and password to a third party.The data always remains in the secure and entrusted bank or Xero environment.

 It’s the most secure way to get your Transactional Banking data into Xero. No need to divulge your PIN and password to third parties.

  • Direct feeds will update automatically every night, eliminating the need for you to do bulky and time-consuming statement imports.
  • Ensures up-to-date and accurate data, providing peace of mind that statement reconciliations are correct.


Contact us for your Sasfin Xero integration on 080 23 23 236 or