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What you put in is what you should get out and we believe this should apply to your savings, with interest. With a Sasfin Tax-free Account (TFSA), you earn interest that is free from Income Tax.

This makes saving for your goals easier than ever before.

Investment amount

You need to make an initial investment of R10 000 (and up to R33 000) per tax year, with a lifetime limit of R500 000.

What interest will you earn?

You will earn 6.50% interest on your TFSA investment and this rate is linked to the prime and will change accordingly. 

Want to top up your savings? 

Whether you are looking to save for a new car, your children’s future or a rainy day, let us help you ensure that what you put in, you get out …with interest.

Contact us on or call 080 23 23 23 6 to start saving today.