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We are an independent and innovative asset manager with a team of highly skilled and experienced investment professionals. Our investment solutions are designed to meet the needs of institutional and private investors and include unit trusts, pooled portfolios and structured solutions.

With over 200 years of combined investment experience, spanning various asset classes, our formidable investment team has a deep understanding of how best to manage money.

We believe the core drivers necessary to achieve sustainable compounding returns, over the long-term are:

  • Identifying Global Macro Themes: Financial markets are impacted by global themes and trends. These need to be identified and interrogated when making sound investment decisions.
  • Asset Allocation: Risk-adjusted returns are derived from appropriately blending different asset classes.
  • Risk Management: Sound investment processes must be centred on risk management.
  • Controlling costs:  A guaranteed way of improving investment performance is the ability to contain costs.

Multi-Asset Class Portfolios

Global research shows that the foundation of long-term investment performance is making sound asset allocation decisions. Strategic Asset Allocation is therefore the reference point against which we construct and manage our clients’ multi-asset class portfolios. Our process incorporates extensive research into asset class optimisation and combines with our forward expectations per asset class, to provide investors with a range of investment solutions designed to generate the highest return for a given level of risk. We then use a combination of individual instruments, active and passive strategies to manage our clients' portfolios in the most efficient manner.

Equity Portfolios

Our investment philosophy combines thorough fundamental stock specific research, with focused analysis of the global economic environment.

This philosophy translates into an in-depth investment process, ensuring we are able to navigate the global investment maze to achieve superior returns for clients. Our process begins with qualitative and quantitative macro-economic analysis which defines our core investment themes. We then leverage off established independent company specific research, which is interrogated by our in-house research division, ensuring congruency with our core investment themes. Our solid and robust investment process ultimately results in three flagship risk-profiled foundation models from which our asset managers leverage.

The Sasfin BCI Equity Fund

Is a high-conviction, style agnostic equity fund that leverages off our robust investment process and embodies David Shapiro's over 40 years of investment experience.

The fund won two Raging Bull awards for excellence in 2012 and has consistently delivered long-term top quartile performance for investors.  Our investment approach combines experience and superior judgement with a sound scientific basis for portfolio construction that is supported by evidence and backed by proven theory.