Healthcare Consulting

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Who are we?

Sasfin Healthcare Consulting is an independent healthcare consulting and advisory business. We deal with a number of the larger medical schemes and administrators. With this being an extremely specialised industry with escalating costs and complex option choices we assist employers, employees and individual members in ensuring a tailor made solution for all.

What do you need?

Sasfin’s Healthcare consultants educate, support and advise employers and employees on the most suitable product and plan for their needs. Where appropriate, Sasfin supports employer groups by appointing a corporate service consultant and internal service administrator to service the company and its employees. Sasfin Healthcare Consulting is one of the largest corporate brokers of Discovery products in the intermediary market nationwide.

How do we do it?

Sasfin Healthcare Consulting is a licensed financial services provider (FSP 5711) and an independent healthcare consulting company (Org544). We set service level agreements with medical aid administrators as well as with clients and continually monitor performance.

Our Advisors

Our advisors travel throughout South Africa to consult face-to-face both with members and employers on the following:

  • delivering training programmes;
  • conduct annual benefit reviews;
  • communicate regular legislative and industry updates; and
  • Facilitate wellness programmes including HIV/Aids awareness.

We are also able to offer advice on Gap cover products, expatriate and overseas cover.