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Sasfin provides private and corporate investors with a wide range of Money Market products. Since acquiring our banking license in 1999 we have gained a pleasing share of the competitive banking market. Our accomplishments are as a result of the personalised service we provide with a specialist professional team. 

Money Market Offering

Sasfin offers various money market products, such as call deposits, notice deposits, fixed deposits, Alternative Investments and Negotiable Certificates of Deposit – (NCDs)

Call deposits will allow for immediate access to your funds. Our Fixed Deposit offering ranges from 1 month to 36 months and have a set maturity date and fixed interest rates, while our Notice Deposits will only approach maturity once notice is given by the investor. Notice Deposits have notice periods typically from 7 to 120 days.

Our NCDs are issued at fixed and floating rates. An NCD may be sold back to the bank at any time before maturity date at our quoted buy rate.

We offer Alternative Investments tailor-made to accommodate your liquidity and interest rate assessments.

With direct access to our Money Market's desk, depositors can be assured that they will receive the best advice and service. 


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