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Our global trading platforms and international research enable our portfolio managers to construct share portfolios which incorporate some of the world’s most distinguished and attractive brands. Our ability to think globally while executing and managing your investment locally, enables us to work closely with you, while we seek to maximise investment returns through currency and geographic diversification.

Our investment philosophy combines thorough fundamental stock specific research, with focused analysis of the global economic environment, which ultimately provides a solid foundation for our portfolio managers to tailor personalised portfolios to meet their clients’ unique investment needs.

This philosophy translates into an in-depth investment process, ensuring we are able to navigate the global investment maze to achieve superior returns for clients. Our process begins with qualitative and quantitative macro-economic analysis which defines our core investment themes. We then leverage off established independent company specific research, which is interrogated by our in-house research division, ensuring congruency with our core investment themes.

Our portfolio managers leverage off this central competency and combine this with an in-depth understanding of our clients’ financial personality and investment objectives when building and implementing each of their custom-built portfolios.

This is implemented through two distinct mandates:

Full Discretion Mandate

Sasfin Securities assumes full responsibility for the management of your underlying portfolio. Discretionary management allows each of our portfolio managers to leverage off our extensive research capability and make timely investment decisions that are in your best interest and aligned to your investment strategy.

Referral Managed Mandate

Sasfin Securities manage your underlying securities while you make the final investment decision. This strategy allows our portfolio managers to leverage off our extensive research capability by providing investors with investment ideas. This mandate can be successfully implemented but limits our portfolio manager’s flexibility when it comes to making critical investment decisions timeously.


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