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In 1890 one of the pioneers of stockbroking in South Africa, Otto Pollak, became a member of the JSE and built the foundation for one of the greatest names in South African securities trading: Max Pollak and Freemantle. Today, more than 120 years later, Frankel Pollak trades as Sasfin Securities, a stockbroking and portfolio management business that never lost sight of the value of personal attention.

Our traditional approach to investing and personal manner in which we transact, has ensued in a leading private client portfolio management and stockbroking business, we call Sasfin Securities.

Investment manager selection

Selecting an investment manager is one of the most important decisions an investor can make. At Sasfin Securities we have spent time with our clients, understanding and unpacking what drives successful investor behaviour. We identified 6 traits which are non-negotiable when it comes to successful investment management.

  • Relationship - The successful investor interacts and builds a sound relationship with an investment professional that truly understand their needs and carefully manages the emotional aspects of investing.
  • Independence - The successful investor chooses an advisor whose independence is unconstrained by investment bias.
  • Trust - The successful investor invests with a wealth management company who they can trust - an entity that has a solid reputation and extensive history of successful wealth management.
  • Expertise - The successful investor entrusts their wealth to capable and astute professionals who have the ability to navigate through difficult market cycles.
  • Simplicity - The successful investor has a clear understanding of their portfolio and related fees. They steer clear from opaque investment products that aren’t fully understood.
  • Global - The successful investor requires a globally diversified portfolio which is managed locally.

We have listened to our clients and have structured our business to embody all of the above.


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