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By partnering with Sasfin Securities, financial planners are able to offer their clients a more personal and cost effective alternative to traditional unit trusts. Our ability to work closely with the independent financial advisor and understand their clients’ objectives and aspirations is portrayed in the way we manage money.

Our Personalised Share Portfolios, available through many of the country’s leading product platforms (Glacier, Investec, Momentum, Old Mutual International and Stanlib) provide each investor with the opportunity of owning shares through a life-license or retirement fund product (endowment, retirement annuity, living annuity and preservation fund).

A Personal Share Portfolio (PSP) enables the astute investor to own domestic and international securities within a tax efficient investment structure, while benefitting directly from the expertise and experience of a dedicated portfolio manager. The investment portfolio will be managed within the limits as set out in Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act and is therefore suitable for both pre and post retirement money.

The advantages of investing in a PSP:

  • A truly tailored investment solution which can be adapted to lifestyle changes of members within a Pension and Provident Fund;
  • Cost effective alternative to unit trusts; and
  • Provides certain tax benefits.

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