Card fraud statistics for 2016

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The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC), on behalf of the banking industry released the Card Fraud Stats for 2016.



10 Tips to bank, shop and transact safely:

  1. Online shopping safety tip: Only shop online if the site is secure (look for the padlock icon) and don’t provide card details if you are doubtful of the site’s authenticity.
  2. Shopping safety tip: Keep your cards in sight when paying and cover the PIN keypad. Call 0802323236 for queries.
  3. Shopping safety tip: Conceal your wallet and beware of pickpocketers. Check that you have your wallet before you leave the shop.
  4. Online banking safety tip: Login with the Bank’s full web address. Google search or email links may lead to spoofed sites.
  5. Online banking safety tip: Never share your card details online or via email. Banks will never request this over the email or phone.
  6. Online banking safety tip: Always check your bank statements for suspicious transactions. Report irregular transactions to your bank immediately.
  7. Increase your security: Contact your bank to ensure that your cards are registered for 3D Secure.
  8. ATM safety tip: Contact your bank if your card gets lost, retained or if someone interferes with you at an ATM.
  9. ATM safety tip: If the screen layout of the ATM looks odd or if it has been tampered with then do not insert your card.
  10. Card swiping tip: Check to see that the card payment machine is legitimate.