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Sasfin responds to Greville case claims


Sasfin Bank Limited refutes claims made recently in online publications regarding our on-going case against Damon Greville.

While the matter is sub-judicè and Sasfin cannot comment on the specific legal merits of the case, contrary to what was reported, The South Gauteng High Court did not rule in favour of Greville or make any ruling against Sasfin on the matter.

Sasfin initiated proceedings to recover a debt. At the hearing, the judge was of the view that a dispute of fact existed on the papers before the court which could not be resolved without hearing evidence. It therefore ordered the matter be referred to trial.

Sasfin’s affidavit stands as a simple summons. No ruling regarding the merits was made.

Sasfin never securitised the loan which Greville guaranteed nor did it liquidate his company, as has been reported.

The claims made in such articles are false and contrary to Sasfin’s core values and strong focus on regulatory compliance and client service.

Sasfin will pursue its claim for the recovery of its debt in the South Gauteng Court in the normal course.