Multi Asset Strategy USD Moderate

Our MAS portfolios are multi-asset strategies that aim to achieve a targeted return with the least amount of risk for that given return. The asset classes used to create these strategies include Traditional Assets (Equities, Cash and Bonds), Alternative Assets (Absolute Return and Private Equity) as well as Real Assets (Real Estate, Infrastructure, Commodities).

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Fund objectives (Philosophy)

Why should you invest in this strategy?

You should invest in this strategy if you do not want to be fully invested in global equities but would rather have a less volatile portfolio that is globally diversified across various asset classes. 

Performance contribution


Risk profile


1 - 3 years

Low - Moderate

3+ years


3 - 5 years

Moderate - High

5 years


7+ years

How do we structure this fund?

The Portfolio is underpinned by a strategic asset allocation with periodic tactical shifts.

Our awards

<h4>Top Advice-Based Broker</h4>
Intellidex | 2020

Top Advice-Based Broker

Meet the Portfolio Managers

Our formidable investment team has developed a sound investment philosophy, combining thorough fundamental research, spanning various asset classes with focused analysis of global macroeconomic trends.

Picture of Dawid Balt

Dawid Balt

Branch Manager: Pretoria, Portfolio Manager and Chairperson of the SIC

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Picture of Andrew Padoa

Andrew Padoa

Branch Manager: Durban and Portfolio Manager

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Picture of Bruce Mills

Bruce Mills

Portfolio Manager

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