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Global Top 20 Structured Product

Invest in a well-diversified portfolio

In creating the Sasfin Global Top 20 Structured Product, we have selected 20 top global companies, and will provide you with the performance of the best 8 of these companies, with the additional comfort of capital protection and the potential for a 100% investment return.

This exclusive offer closes: 24 June 2019
Minimum investment: R250,000

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Product overview

Capital protection

If the stock Basket is down at the end of the term, the first 20% of your capital is protected


Should you wish to sell your investment, early redemption is available at its market value prior to the maturity date

Investment currency

(only positive returns are exposed to currency movements)

Investment term

5 years

Minimum investment

R250,000 with increments of R50,000 thereafter



How does the product work?

  • An equally weighted Basket of 20 global shares are selected by Sasfin and quoted in US Dollars (USD). 
  • At maturity, if the performance of the Basket is positive in US Dollars (USD), you will receive the performance of the best 8, equally weighted.
  • In addition, the return from the best 8 will be augmented if ZAR has depreciated against the USD and vice versa.
  • At maturity if the basket of 20 is negative in USD, you will get your capital back in ZAR provided the Basket has not lost more than 20%.
  • If the Basket has fallen by more than 20% in USD at maturity, you will experience a capital loss in line with the percentage loss in the Basket below 20% (e.g. if the Basket is down 21%, the capital amount loss will be 1%).
  • The initial capital invested is not exposed to currency movements over the term of the investment.
  • The maximum return payable from the equity Basket is 100% but this could be more or less depending on whether ZAR has depreciated or appreciated against the USD


Global Top 20 Companies

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The Application Form & Term Sheet contains historical performance graphs and unpacks if the investment may be right for you. It answers several commonly asked questions.

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