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Sasfin Guaranteed Global Equity Structured Product II

Invest in a well-diversified portfolio

In an environment of low to moderate growth and increased uncertainty, Sasfin has developed the Sasfin Guaranteed Global Equity Structured Product II, designed to double the return of the Sasfin Global Equity Basket over the term of the investment with the additional comfort of capital protection.

This exclusive offer closes: 7 January 2020
Minimum investment: R100,000

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Product overview

Capital protection

100% capital protection in Rands if the US Dollar value of the Basket at maturity is less than the initial value.


Should you wish to sell your investment, early redemption is available at its market value prior to the maturity date

Investment currency

ZAR (only positive returns are exposed to currency movements)

Investment term

3.5 years

Minimum investment

R100,000 with increments of R50,000 thereafter



How does the product work?

  • At maturity, the investor receives double the growth of the Basket in US Dollars. 
  • This growth is increased or decreased by changes in the exchange rate.
  • If, at maturity, the Rand has weakened against the US Dollar, the growth will increase proportionately.
  • If the Rand has strengthened, the growth will decrease proportionately.
  • If, at maturity, the US Dollar value of the Basket is lower than the initial capital invested, the investor will receive their initial capital back in Rands.
  • The initial capital invested is not exposed to currency movement over the term of the


Global Top 20 Companies

The Basket of 20 shares is a well diversified portfolio of global blue-chip companies, based on our best 3.5-year view.*


*This list of companies is subject to change prior to the initial launch of the offering. 

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The Application Form & Term Sheet contains historical performance graphs and unpacks if the investment may be right for you. It answers several commonly asked questions.

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