We place value against your stock.

The working capital solution is not an overdraft facility. It’s designed to help you get the most out of your working capital cycle by giving you the financial breathing space between the cash-out and cash-in process of the cycle. You don’t have to use your working capital or bank facilities to open letters of credit and pay for imports. You can allocate those funds to your business, improve efficiencies and grow.

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Our solution manages working capital more effectively so that funding the growth of your business to step up import volumes doesn’t deplete your working capital resources.

We offer foreign and local trade finance that frees up working capital, by allowing credit terms of up to 180 days to support the following:

  • Payment of stock
  • Forwarding and clearing costs
  • Transportation and insurance costs
  • Customs VAT and duty payments

The product offering is flexible, allowing businesses to transact in a number of foreign payment instruments, including:

  • Pre-payments
  • Letters of credit
  • Payments to suppliers who offer terms
  • Payment against shipment

Cash flow is key in every business. Good cash flow can lead to a prosperous business, and the right financing solutions will improve the working capital cycle.

Companies involved in foreign trade, however, face many financial and logistical challenges in both the funding and landing of goods in South Africa. Trade Finance from Sasfin assists businesses to navigate difficult challenges which may include:

  • The financing of goods:
    Suppliers often require part of full payment upfront prior to shipping. This is a challenge for businesses who only receive payment from clients much later.
  • The movement of goods:
    Businesses require shipping, marine insurance, and forwarding and clearing to land for goods to be delivered. This is often a huge logistical challenge.
  • Exchange rate risk:
    Exchange rate may have changed dramatically between the time goods are ordered and when they arrive. This can negatively influence a business’s input costs.

Sasfin addresses these challenges and supports businesses by providing clients with end-to-end solutions for their imports.

These include:

  • Financing goods
  • Booking forward exchange cover through Sasfin Forex

Start-to-Finish Import Solutions

We have the infrastructure, products and services to cater for all of the financial and service needs of an importer, allowing you to optimally finance and manage every aspect of your foreign trade, while leveraging our backing and expertise.

Our Start-to-Finish Import Solutions span the arrangement and handling of:

  • Finance to pay your suppliers
  • Foreign exchange facilities
  • Forwarding / shipping, customs clearing, warehousing and distribution
  • Collecting payment from your clients
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Need an end-to-end solution to cover your imports?

Our Start-to-Finish Import Solutions create, manage and sustain comprehensive solutions to meet any business’s import requirements.

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