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Sasfin’s health consultants function as the financial advisor between an institution and their individual employees and their healthcare product provider. Our highly skilled and experienced consultants will provide you independent and holistic advice, ensuring that you enjoy a customised healthcare solution

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Beyond a healthcare solution


We provide a lasting and strategic healthcare management service.

Ongoing consulting

We’ll ensure that the healthcare solutions you adopt remain relevant and compliant.

Training and education

We’ll help control unnecessary cost escalations by ensuring our members make correct healthcare choices.

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Our key services

  • We help members make informed decisions when selecting a medical scheme and benefit option, by conducting a detailed medical needs analysis based on their healthcare needs and affordability.
  • We assist with implementing and monitoring your chosen healthcare option, to ensure it continues to meet your changing needs.
  • Help identify and implement complementary healthcare products and wellness programs.

  • Education and training for both new and existing medical scheme members.
  • Clarify benefits and administrative processes.
  • Mediate with medical schemes or service providers to help resolve queries.

  • Explain annual changes relative to benefits and options.
  • Keeping members well informed about their rights and healthcare benefits in order to optimise value.
  • Provide ongoing industry and market insights in terms of the broader medical scheme environment.
  • Communicate regularly with members, which includes general updates and annual benefit renewal information.
  • By reviewing claiming patterns, we proactively engage with individuals identified as being on the incorrect option (over or under insured).

Wellness initiatives are premised on the notion that prevention is better than cure. With the general health and wellbeing of our members being important to us, we’re focused on providing regular health tips on how to optimise your health and wellness, plus where to go for help. As mental health has a vast impact on one’s general wellbeing, our wellness theme includes topical subjects such as resilience. One lesson we can all take from Covid, is that being resilient is pivotal to coping with our everchanging environment.

Our published articles are accessible via the Insights section of the Sasfin Content Hub.

We’re all about wellness!

Why Sasfin Health Consulting?

  • We’re committed towards keeping up with the everchanging complexities of the healthcare industry.
  • Our business model is entirely built around our customers’ needs.
  • Innovation is important to us. We strive to continually find new solutions and new ways of delivering them. It is also important to us to always offer objective and impartial healthcare advice.
  • Our team consists of highly-experienced professionals with deep market knowledge.
  • We partner with market leaders to ensure that we provide a tailored and all-inclusive offering.
  • Our governance processes are extremely sound.
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Review the medical scheme options available to you

Use our quoting tool to compare various medical scheme options and discover if there is a better solution for you.

The benefits of our Health Consulting Services


We remove the frustration of our clients having to engage with call centres regarding complex queries.


Our consultants ensure that individuals are not exposed to high costs and that they are able to gain access to private healthcare.


We review our members to certify whether they are on the correct scheme/option and whether they understand what they purchased.


With corporate clients, we verify that employees are on a scheme that is suitable for the long term and that any issues are identified and resolved.

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Medical scheme and insurance providers

As independent health advisors, we provide advice across the leading medical schemes and insurance companies in South Africa, unlocking a variety of products and offerings for our clients.

Meet our people

Charleen Rix

Charleen Rix

Head: Health Consulting

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Zanele Matipwili

Zanele Matipwili

Senior Consultant

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Deon Steyn

Deon Steyn

Senior Consultant

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Lonwabo Ngumla

Lonwabo Ngumla

Health Consultant

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Geneviev du Toit

Geneviev du Toit

Client Support Consultant

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