Selling goods on credit terms is a universally accepted business practice. However, it can exert extreme pressure on a business’s cash flow. Our Debtor Finance offering assists with unlocking a business’s working capital cycle by converting the local and foreign credit sales locked in the debtor’s book into cash flow.

We discount credit sales by up to 80% of the invoice value and adopt one of two approaches:

  1. Disclosed Debtor Finance (via a full debtor management and administration service); or
  2. Confidential Invoice Discounting (where the client keeps control of the debtors’ book)

The debtor financing process involves us discounting invoices for clients and advancing the funds prior to due date, thus shortening the cash flow period.

Grey areas should never put you in the red

Export Debtor Finance

We are able to discount export debtors in foreign currency provided that the debtor is insured.

Factor Chain International

During 2013 we were accepted as an associate member of FCI. Established in 1968, with its head office in Amsterdam, FCI represents the interest of factoring companies around the world with an average of 270 members.

Through our association with FCI, we, as an Export Factor, are able to offer export factoring facilities to sellers within South Africa and have the overseas buyers’ credit covered by a selected Import Factor in the country of the buyer. Similarly, we can act as an Import Factor in South Africa by providing protection against the risk of bad debts for buyers in South Africa, as well as the collection of the accounts receivable.

The basis of operation between an Export Factor and Import Factor is known as the Two-Factor System.

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