Bank Overview

We combine excellent personal service with innovative financial solutions to assist businesses and individuals to bank the way they want, where they want and when they want.

Capital Overview

We provide capital and create tailored solutions to support your business growth, whether you need an equity partner, property investor or a sophisticated corporate financier.

Wealth Overview

Since 1890 we have provided tailored global and local investment offerings to private and institutional clients.


Asset Consulting

Quality Investment Advice for a secure retirement

Our professional and experienced team of asset consultants offer relevant and independent investment advisory services to retirement funds. We support and enable retirement fund trustees in fulfilling their fiduciary duties of achieving the best outcome for fund members at retirement.

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By Johan Gouws

articles image

By Johan Gouws

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By Johan Gouws & Bongiwe Momoza

Why we are the right advisor for your fund

Reason for Existence

Our sole objective is to create secure outcomes at retirement by enabling trustees to make informed decisions on behalf of members.

Sound Advice Philosophy

We consistently apply a clear and well defined advice philosophy based on sound investment principles and practices.

Knowledge and Experience

We are able to offer quality advice based on the collective expertise that exist in our diverse team of qualified and experienced consultants.

Research Capability

Our strong research capability is a key source of our ability to design efficient and effective investment strategies.

Independent Positioning

Our independent position in the retirement industry allows us to access and partner with the best service providers in the industry.

Not just another Fund

With us you are not just another employer and you will enjoy the necessary respect, care, attention and flexibility that you deserve as a retirement fund.

Comfort and Trust

Our advice approach and focus on strong client relationships will leave trustees with a strong sense of safety and security from a fiduciary perspective.

Investment advisory services

  • 01Establishing the unique investment objectives and needs
  • 02Asset and liability modelling and matching
  • 03Investment strategy design and implementation
  • 04Economic, market and investment performance overviews
  • 05Annual investment strategy reviews and policy updates
  • 06Trustee and member training and communication
  • 07Regulatory and industry updates
  • 08Investment compliance monitoring
  • 09Net Replacement Ratio reporting at a fund and member level

Our investment advice philosophy and approach

Investment objective driven

We do a proper needs analysis in order to have a complete understanding of the investment objectives and goals that a fund seeks to achieve. Objectives can be set at portfolio level in peer relative and absolute terms as required.

Pragmatic independence

We apply an implemented consulting advice model using Sasfin managed multi strategy and multi managed investment building blocks. If required, bespoke investment advice solutions are designed for clients using third party building blocks.

Life stage approach

Our default life stage model seeks to maximise the capital growth opportunity of each member pre-retirement. This is achieved by ensuring that each member is exposed to the appropriate amount of investment risk given their investment horizon and the nature of the annuity to be purchased at retirement.

Active and Passive investing

We do not view active and passive investing as two mutually exclusive investment strategies, but rather seek to optimise the use of both strategies from a portfolio diversification and cost efficiency perspective.

Investment Performance

We view return and risk as two sides of the investment performance coin. Measuring performance and making performance comparisons includes the important element of risk adjusted returns.

Outcomes based investing

When designing investment strategies, the investment objectives of clients are expressed in real terms over relevant rolling return periods.

Sustainable investing

We are not only concerned about the retirement benefits that members accumulate for retirement but also about the society and environment that they will live in by focusing on socially responsible investment practices.

Our investment advice process

Developing sustainable and bespoke advice solutions that result in the best outcomes for fund members

  • 01 Determine investment objectives
  • 02 Investment strategy design
  • 03 Manager research and blending
  • 04 Strategy implementation and assessment
  • 05 Investment policy statement development
  • 06 Regular monitoring and reporting
  • 07 Annual investment strategy review
  • 08 Continuous advice process

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