SWIP ETF Range of Portfolios - Moderately Conservative

The philosophy behind the SWIP range of ETF Portfolios is seeking to reward investors for their given level of risk appetite across five categories (from Conservative to Aggressive). We do this by diversifying the investment accordingly across asset classes and geographies through exposure to mainly Exchange Traded Funds.

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Why should you invest in this strategy?

To maximise long-term returns for this risk strategy, achieving a minimum of CPI + 4% over a 3 year rolling basis. Optimal asset allocation is determined using sophisticated loss aversion statistical modelling.

Watch the video below to learn more about this investment strategy.

Investment Growth

Asset Class Allocation




1-3 years


3+ years


3-5 years


5 years


7+ years

Meet the Portfolio Managers

Our formidable investment team has developed a sound investment philosophy, combining thorough fundamental research, spanning various asset classes with focused analysis of global macroeconomic trends.

Claudius Rostoll

Claudius Rostoll

Head: Central Investment Desk

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